Hello, I'm Carl

I’m a Surrey wedding photographer based near Twickenham. My passion for photography started at a very young age when my dad who had been bitten by the photography bug himself developed his own photos at home. I remember the smell of the chemicals from the darkroom and the intrigue and mystery of seeing the image spring to life. He gave me my first canon camera when I was a teenager, which was *ahem* few years back now, pre-instagram days even! I’ve stuck with canon mainly and although the technology has moved on at a rapid pace and the darkroom days are well gone, the excitement of producing images hasn’t.

I grew up in Sunderland in the north east. My accent has watered down slightly but can be heard on occasion. There are just some words that are always going to sound very northern! I moved to London way back in 1999 to work in the glamorous world of television so my creative eye has always been there! I worked on lots of news broadcasts and major sporting events for many years. As well as my passion for photographing weddings I’m also an avid street photographer. I’m regularly out on the streets in London and exploring various cities in Europe with my camera. In 2019 I travelled to Gdansk, Lisbon, Porto and Seville between weddings. I’m also a keen collector of urban art, unfortunately I started slightly too late to bag an affordable banksy!

Portrait of me at work during a wedding

How I Work?

I’m creating a story with you guys taking the lead roles. Photography is nothing without emotion. My relaxed and personable style and approach helps bring those beautiful emotive feelings and expressions to life. I blend in with your guests, there will be no cheesy setups and poses, that does not live here just natural engaging photography capturing the joy, love, laughs and tears (happy tears I might add!) that every good wedding should have.